Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday home work day!

Hi All,

It was a cool but sunny day here in Kelowna. Makaiya, Chrissy and I worked outside, cutting the lawn, and raking up the first fallen leaves of the season. We take all the leaves to the city dump. the dump has special area for all waste. Lawn, and compost, waste construction wood, metal, plactic , glass, paper, and so on. The plastic, paper,and compost is free. The other cost money to drop off. If you have a normal size truck full it usually costs $6 Canadian. Of course we have a our normal pick up once a week at our house.

Later we all went for a bike ride on the green way. It is a walking and biking path that runs beside Mission creek. It is great for a easy run or bike ride. Relatively flat.

I Purchased a range finder for Accel's pole setting. I will let the group know what distance we are training each session this winter.

Bye for now.


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