Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Hi From Doug


My life has been pretty much work , work ,work! I am now on the 8th floor of the apartment building I have been working on. 2 more to go. I will be able to finish it off by the time I leave for Japan.

I am very driven to perform and want to share a few things I have noticed in myself. Over the summer when I did not have a clear time when I wanted to finish the unit I took much longer. When I Had a clear goal of when I wanted to finish I made it happen. I worked with more urgency, I was more organized ( I have a step by step preparation plan for each unit). The first unit I did took me 2 and a half days. Now I am down to 1 day. Although, that is pretty much no breaks over 9 hours. I like pushing myself. Continually see how I can make things better.

The same should be done with your training and racing. Set goals and make a plan to make sure it happens. The more you prepare the better chance you have to reach it. And push yourself to always reach a new personal bench mark of excellence.

Bye for now.


PS The pictures are of the buiding I am working on and of the next one they are building. They are using steal studs in them. No wood.

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