Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kitchen closer to finishing!

Hi all!

First, I hope all of you are doing well! Enjoying the summer and doing your best to create things you want in your lives. Self creation. Take your idea, or goal and make a plan to achieve it. With hard work, patience, determination, focus, toughness, and balance. We can all achieve our goals and dreams. Balance has been a tough point for me lately. Work ,and work on our house has been my focus. I have really run my self to the point of being too tired! So I am to the point of asking for help in our house renewal. We are going to ask Chrissy's dad to pantry roll outs for the pantry's beside the fridge, My brother, and my friend Doug to help finish the hard wood floor in our bed rooms. I will have a big party for all that have helped us!

As for the goals you have in Ski racing. Now is the time to build your body's in the strength and power department. Which in turn will build your self confidence! For those of you that would like to improve from your past results anyway. Improving in technique will help you but even to be able to use the proper technique you need to be strong. Strong legs to power the ski and hold a tight fast line, a strong stomach and back to maintain your balance and stay low over the front of the skis, and strong upper body for powerful starts and hold your arms up through out the full length of the course. I look forward to watching all of you hit new personal bests in your performances, this up coming season.

Bye for now.


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