Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 24 Update


So Tajanna has a boy friend. They met at her place of work. A French Bakery. He is from France and bakes delicious bread and croissants. He has a job starting in Oslo , Norway. Tajanna is going with him. She will also work there and save money for her schooling next year. It will be great for her to be on her own and make her place in the world. Sabestien is his name. I likwe him very much. He is a hard worker and kind.

he made dinner with me the other night. I made pasta. He made avocado with smoke salmon and a lemon cream sauce. I made a prawn and smoke salmon cream sauce. Sabestien also made dessert ! He made chocolate covered Pear, and strawberries, with ice cream and home made caramel.

Bye for now.


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