Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 20 Update

Hello Every one,

I am home and it has been crazy busy here! Yes, exciting to be with every one! It is always an adjustment being together.

Tajanna has gone to Vancouver to present her portfolio to a fashion design school in Vancouver! She will present it tomorrow.

Makaiya is good! She had a friend over at our house yesterday. it was fun. We made pizza for dinner.

Chrissy is also good! We are busy doing spring cleaning around the house! We want to do a full cleaning of all hidden corners. We are hoping to fix our house up this summer. I will keep you up to date with how it goes.

I enjoyed this past season very much! All of you guys and girls are so keen!!

Would you believe it snowed yesterday. Yes, in the hills and in town!!!! Crazy!!!!!
How am I suppose to work on my golf game!! Hee Hee!

I did play in Osaka though. I shot 9 over! That actually lower my handy cap to 8.8! Too cold here to play. I guess I will have to wait till it warms up!

Bye for now.

More soon!


PS. Dell is replacing my note book. I am going to exchange it for a XPS 1330, 13 inch screen. Yes, I am happy. I am going to get extra warranty that will cover me World Wide.

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