Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March 25 Update

Hello every one!

So yes, spring is here and the season is winding down. I feel happy I can soon go home to see my family but I also feel sad that I am not able to coach all of you and grow together! There have been good results and good improvements in Base technique. The more I coach the more I see how important it is that all of you need good base technique but just as important is how you place your selves in the world of ski racing. I hope you can all see yourselves as top competitors. If you see others as faster or stronger you will never over take them. When you walk on to the ski hill hold your head high, and know are a winner! A top competitor! Some one who is lucky and always finds a away to get the job done. I see that in all of you. I hope you can see that for your selves.

Bye for now.


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