Monday, October 03, 2005

October 3 Update

Hello Everyone,

Here is Gary Whittakers Pysical test results,

Date of Birth-1955
Weight- 79 kg
Hieght- 175.5 cm
Vertical jump- Left- 55cm, right-61 cm
Five jumps trial 1 Both legs 12.94 right 10.73 left 10.68 cm
trial 2 Both legs 13.49 right 10.74 left 10.99 cm

Illinois run 20.02

Box jump 0-30 seconds 35 jumps, 30-60 seconds 35 jumps, 60-90 seconds 32 jumps!

That is all he was able to do. He had a meeting.

I hope this information helps you all!

Best Regards


PS How do you like my vertical jump! We finally bought a new car. A Hyundai, Tuscon. We got a great deal on it. Chrissy is very happy as well as the kids!

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