Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Oct, 12 update


This past weekend was the Canadaian Thanks Giving celebration. My parents and brother with his family came to our house to have the Famous Turkey dinner. Everybody brought a dish to add to the meal. My brother Rick's wife Michelle's mom made 3 pies. Pumpkin, prune and lemon marange. Chrissy made lemon cheese cake! We all ate too much.

Other good news is my brother Rick and Michelle have a new baby boy. Michelle gave birth last thursday! I bought Rick some cigars. It is a custom to smoke a cigar when a baby boy is born. I am not sure why? Rick , my dad and myself went for a walk after dinner and smoked one each. I bought chocolate flavored ones, so they were sweet when we smoked them. After we all had that smokey taste in our mouths that lasted till the next day. Yuck!!!!!

It is raining here and is cool. No snow but cool!

I hope you are all doing well.

More later!


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