Sunday, August 28, 2005

August 28 Update

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was another hot day in Kelowna. We did a little work around the house, mowed the lawn, vacumed the house and so on. Then we went for a walk with Makaiya, Bandit and my mom. We went to a trail called the Green way! It is a walking , biking horse back riding trail. It follows Mission creek and I believe is around
20 km long. I great place for exercise. Makaiya and I splashed around in the water for a little while.

Chrissy and I went to a Mexican party last night! There was Mexixan food, drinks and games! They also had a penyata. It hangs from a tree and you try to smash it open. There was chocolate and condons inside. It was fun!

I hope you all had a geat weekend too!

More later!



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