Monday, February 29, 2016


Thank you everyone that came out for training this past weekend! The conditions were great!

Great improvement with skiing a clean, power, line. Some are still struggling with choosing too straight a line that blocks them from carving down the fall line into the gate! Getting closer though. Keep working at it! Good inspection, look ahead!

Race preparation if vital for a good performance. Have a plan for your day and commit to it! During the race there is no need to look for new advice on your technique. Advice about the course condition is always helpful though. Focus on your race and block everything else out. Have your own preparation area. Music or a meditation app is always helpful to relax and block others out from your preparation. There are more races this weekend for many! Good luck ! Have fun!

Today we had Combi training! The guys were flying! Great skiing! It did snow today! No rain! Lucky!

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