Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Thank you for a GREAT season!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!

I am in Narita now waiting for my flight. I am excited to go home but I am also sad to leave all of my friends here in Japan! I feel so lucky that you all choose to train with us at Accel!!!!!!! Thank you so much! I enjoyed the season very much! It is always fulfilling for me to see you all improve!

Please set high goals for yourselves for next season! You can achieve what ever you choose to picture in your mind! Why not choose to be the ultimate racers, Champions!!!!! Once you picture that, then go to work and play hard, and work hard to achieve that. Prepare in as many areas as you can. Be fast , strong, powerful, flexible, tune you ski equipment properly, choose the equipment best for you, eat right, rest when needed and so on! To make extra ordinary results you must do extra ordinary preparation!

Bye for now !

You are all Champions!!!!

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Unknown said...

See You Next Season!