Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Thank you for the great season!

Hello everyone!

Spring is here and the ski racing season for Accel Ski System has come to an end!

I am thrilled with the dedication and effort of our camp members! Great work Everyone! I have heard very good race results from our group as well! Congratulations to all!!!

I hope everyone in our group sets high goals for the future! We are what we think! If you set low goals you will not go beyond that. See, think and feel what you want! It might as well be some thing Special! You can do it!

The following seasons are for preparation for the next ski season. Great ski technique alone will not take you to top levels. If you are the fastest and strongest you will have a huge advantage over other competitors! If you are not that fast or strong now that does not mean you can not change! It is hard work but it will take you to new higher levels! Do your BEST!

Thank you all for choosing Accel Ski System !

This is a picture of last days training! Cold!!!

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