Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hi From Canada

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long gap in between messages! First, thank you for those who wanted to join the Oregon camp! And sorry we were not able to do it! I hope we are able to do it next year! It has rained a lot this spring in Canada. We have actually had some flooding problems! We have just finished our U12 girls soccer season for the spring. I coach a Kelowna team Makaiya has also been studying Kung Fu! She has enjoyed it and is giving her self confidence! I hope all of you have been able to improve your fitness! It is never to late to start! Great job to Miho and the kids taking part in her summer training! Keep up the good work! Last night we had take out sushi. It was alright. I miss Japans delicious food though! Bye for now. Doug

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