Saturday, March 23, 2013

Doug is now an O Gi Chan!!!!!!

Yes, it is true!!!!! My daughter Tajanna gave birth yesterday to Zion. A Boy! And yes I am a grand Father! Feels incredible! I still feel very young myself. At least I can play many different games with him when we are together! Tajanna and him are doing well! Very healthy and happy, including Seb, the happy father! Congratulations to the new family! Skiing was ok today! Foggy for the morning, so we did basic drills! Nice work. Should be better weather tomorrow! Bye for now!


Unknown said...

Congrats! 45-year-old grand-pa! The earlier, the better. You have plenty of time enjoying your life with your gand-son. envy you, coach.


モーレツ太郎 said...

Doug, Congratulations!!!

Both of You and Grandchild can entry same the Ski Race!!
P.S. I saw you on TV!!