Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ski test Update

Today was Rossignol test day for Accel Ski System! Takasawa Miho and I tested many new models. The sun was out and the temperatures warm, so the snow was on the soft side. In those conditions, with the course set at 27m between gates and medium offset my finding were as follows. 35m radius 195cm- I had to really keep my line high and start my turn right after the gate. Balance pressed down is the key with these skis. I had the most difficulty on the flat. It was soft snow so there was very little rebound from the ski. Again, the key was to keep the skis under my body. Next was the Masters 23 m radius 185cm- My line was much straighter with these! I could move side ways much quicker because of the bigger side cut. Lots of rebound from the ski. Easy to control on the steep and flat. TIME WAS THE FASTEST WITH THIS SKI! Easy and fun to ski on! Next was the 30m radius 188cm- To me this ski felt like my 185cm, 27m radius ski. I could start the turn smoothly on the steep and flat. The ski accelerated nicely. This was the second fastest ski. My overall findings- The 35 m radius ski needs a lot of weight, and power to turn it. Balance must be right on too! Takes work to turn it! The 30m radius turns nicely with good balance on it and aggressive power. A nice choice for a technically strong skier, with good power, and strength! Masters 23m radius 185cm- Easy to turn, fun to ski on , and fast! Some leg wobble on the odd turn because of the strong side cut. A good choice for skiers with less power and ones that have power. FAST! These findings are on soft snow! Not sure about icy conditions! I hope that helps you!

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It is interesting to read SKI TEST! Good to choice of next SKI for senior skier! Thanks!