Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update from Doug

Hello Everyone,

I am very sad to say that Ono San, Miho and I have made the decision to close Accel Ski System for the season! We are all very sad for a few reasons. Of Course we are sad and concerned about the earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear threat that Japan is having to be Challenged with!

We are also sad that the season is over early and that we were not able to say good bye to many of you! I feel so lucky to coach you all! I love seeing you improve and achieve new personal bests! I look forward to next season! I Appreciate you all very much!

I wish the best for Japan and think positive thoughts for it's full recovery! I have such a close connection with Japan and you! I wish you all the best!

Bye for now!



Unknown said...

Thank you for your smaile in Sonttag.
See you next ski season.
Good bye Doug !

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Don't worry, Doug. Nobody have a hard feeling against yours decision. Instead, we appreciate what you have done for us and your family's understanding about coaching in Japan.

Although, now Japan especially north east area face serious, tough and challenging situation and we have to do many things to recover, but we are looking forward to seeing you and your family again on the next season in Japan.

Anyway, will you renovate your house again during summer time? Hurry up, Doug. There are ONLY 8 months until next winter!

See you.