Thursday, December 09, 2010

December 9 2010 update

Finally it looks like winter here in Sugadaira!!!!!! It is much cooler and has been snowing on and off from this afternoon.

Tomorrow from 1 pm Omatsu yama will open. We will ski there!

I am still not sure where we will train this weekend. I want to see the condition of Omatsu Yama. The Rossignol Opening Cup is Saturday and Sunday. I feel with having the race course on the same run as the free ski run, there will not be much room for basic training. 300 racers will be warming up and free skiing in that free space. Hare is also busy with Demo teams. 300 people! I am thinking of Hi no de ski area. The one very close to 7- 11. I will check all options tomorrow.

Bye for now


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