Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Good morning March, 3, 2010

Good morning Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well!

For the last week or so it has been spring conditions. Very warm with rain, and hot sunny days. The snow has reduced alot. It is suppose to cool down. I hope so. It feels like the end of March right now.

I hope you have all enjoyed the season so far1 I have!

I have been going to the gym after coaching. Yes, weight training. It was hard to motivate myself to start. I do feel very good now that I have made a routine. More energy and I just feel stronger and more confident. For all of you my hope is that you can all arrange your time to do some strength training. It will help not only your ski racing performance, but your overall life performance. Of course it will be uncomfortable at first. Anything that is worth while takes extra effort! I hope you all can start. I know you will all feel great about yourselves if you do it!

Have a good day!


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