Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oct ,10 Update

Hi Everyone,

Things here for me have still been busy. My dads health has been the main focus for us. Work of course has been keeping me busy. I will take some pictures of some of my work soon.

My dad did give me a certificate for golf lessons with a popular golf coach in Kelowna. I took them and enjoyed them very much. It is great to learn a new sport! I be honest my golf swing was not what a good golf swing should be like. He taught me a proper set up (pre hit routine), And proper way to strike the ball. The club head lags back behind everything. It is very difficult to do it. He taught me to start by doing chip shots and pitches. I am slowly getting it. The key is not try to learn the movement with your driver doing full swings. So for us in skiing it is the same thing. We learn the basic movements skiing slowly on flat slopes. Not Going full blast down steep slopes. Also as I said before it takes 10 000 hours to learn a sport to be at the highest levels.

That is why the Canada camp is a great way to start the season. Lots of hours on snow, long runs, on flat to medium slopes. I hope to see some of you in Canada.

Bye for now.


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