Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Jan, 7 Update

Hi Racers!

So we are in full swing now. Finally we are getting better snow conditions. All man made snow. Great for us. Nice and hard!

So now that races are just around the corner just a little reminder for you all to keep focused on your own pre race plan and do not worry about anyone else you may think is better than you. Infact it is vital you feel you have every chance to win! Why not choose to win?! Your destiny comes from your choice to see and believe what you want to happen !

Ok from there comes your preparation. From the snow up. Skis tuned properly, bases waxed every day after use, edges sharp and smooth. Side walls smooth. When tuning always positive imagery. Picture your skis running fast on the snow, and cutting into the ice!

Make sure you have a good warm up and stretch before skiing and before your race. Drink lots of water. Breath properly. In through the nose out through the mouth. If you are nervous focus only on your breathing, 4 seconds in 4 out! repeat until you feel grounded. Also you can focus on some one that inspires you, or someone you respect, or love!

Well enough for this message. I will share more next time!



Blue_brothers said...
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Blue_brothers said...


Though I cannot go in the exercise society,
I do my best in reference to advice of Doug.

Team RUSH Matsutani