Sunday, October 28, 2007

Oct, 28 Update

Hi Everyone,

This past weekend was a very good and busy one.

First I volunteered at the kelowna Ski Clubs Ski swap! On the Friday We took equipment in. On the Saturday people that to buy come. Then on the Saturday night people that wanted to sell their skis or boots or clothing return to see if it was sold. If it did sell the ski club gets 20% of the sale price and the seller 80%. It is a good fund raiser for the Ski club.

Also this past week a government fund health program called Act B.C. was in kelowna. It is to help show us how to eat and exercise properly. They had different stations to promote exercise. Dance dance revolution, a fun cycling station in video game form, ( you could race a partner) a martial arts bow station focusing on reflexes, and a mini Basket ball court, and more. This was for kids and Adults. They had a station for Blood pressure blood sugar and so on . The following are my results.
Height 170 cm
weight 69.9 KG
Blood pressure 104/77
Total Cholesterol 5.97 mmo 1/L
HDL cholesterol 1.51
Glucose 4.73

And lots of yard work. We now have bags and bags of leaves.

I did play golf with my dad today. 9 holes only. I did shot only 2 over par! Nice! I am swinging with less power better timing!

Bye for now.


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