Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Feb, 14 Update

Hello Everyone,

I finally got my Blog account fixed up!

It has been raining here today! We were unable to ttrain because of wind too!

I was able to do a few things I have been too busy to do so it was a productive day!

Last weekend was another good one. Good race results and good training in hard conditions. It was challenging! I was sorry to see that we had some injuries. I wish you all the best!

I see the most important thing we need to keep on is how we all see ourselves. How we think about ourselves. What things do we say to ourselves in our thoughts? How do those thoughts make us feel? If the thought we are having do not make you feel good they are not productive thoughts. These thoughts and feelings are what makes the world we live in. Keep seeing and feeling the best for yourselves.

Of course we must prepare in all of the other areas. Have good skis , good tune up, Sharp smooth edges. Good boots good boot tune up and canting. The proper wax. Strong techneque. Strong bodies. able to choose a fast line in any course. And so one. If we do set high goals see great things for our selvesthat is the key for all of the other areas to fall into place.

I appreciate all of your efforts, and all of you coming to ski with us at Accel Ski System!!!! Ski Racing is such a great sport and the people involved in it are all so fun ! Keep up the Great Work.

Enjoy my pictures from Canada!

More soon!


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