Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nov, 28 Update

Hello Everyone,

BRRRRRRRR!!!! We are half way through our camp at Sun Peaks and it has been very cold! Today was minus 30!!!!

On a good note, there is lots of snow, the runs are very long and very wide, the condo we are staying in is very comfortable and new, the meals from my Dad Yummy and the guests are having a great time.

I must admit these are the best conditions for early season skiing I have ever seen! I am very excited about this new site and feel it is the best ealry season training available. We have been using I run called 5 mile. It is called that because, well its 5 miles long. The slope is medium and to flat the whole way and has been incredible for Basic training. All guests have hit new levels in their skiing skill.

We have been working on keeping a strong natural stance, hip to shoulder width, recentering our hips between each turn, Shifting our balace from side to side while doing the hip recentering, rolling both ankles inside the next turn, keeping our upper bodies in a athletic position forward, shoulders level. Yes, the basics! Another Key point is the Goal setting and image training they are doing. Seeing in thier minds what they want ot do and positive self talk. That is going to be focused more on this season!

I am not able to attach pictures now. I will send them later.

I wish you all the Best and I am looking forward to seeing you all again.

Bye for now!


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