Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September 13 Update


I hope you are all doing great! My family and I are . Work has been too busy which is good.

Makaiya and Tajanna have started school. They were both excited to go! Nice.

Chrissy is doing well too. Helping me sometimes and of course keeping our home clean. ( Which is full time job in itself)

The weather has changed here and is cooling off and raining. A nice change. It has been a great summer for sun.The Fall camp is falling into place. I have found a beautifull place to stay, with a hot tub and big kitchen for Chrissy. It is very new and will be comfortable for all. Not a hotel. A private condo. Yes, it has a conection in the TV for video cords!! It is 5 minutes walk from the village, close for shopping or sight seeing. I have been trying to contact the man in charge of early season training. I want to do some pole training everyday. I want to work on basic position as well as many other skills that are needed for fast skiing. I want to set courses on the flats and test position and how tucking vs.. standing upright is different line , pressure and so on. It will be a great camp. Best Ever! I also will set up goals for each person. I know many of you have plenty of potentail. We need to set targets for you though.

Hope to see you guys in Canada. You will fly from Vancouver to Kamloops. It is around a 45 minute drive from Kamloops to Sun Peaks.

Bye for now.


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