Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August 3 Update

Hi Everyone,

I have a little time off now , which is much needed.

I made a few more marker poles for next season. To help with understanding and feeling line.

On Sunday we went to a park and saw where the city of Kelowna is building the floating bridge. The brigde crosses Okanagan lake to connect Westbank with Kelowna. It is 3 lanes right now but is not enough. Traffic is terrrible on it. Thus the expansion project. it will still be a few years before it is done but it wil help the flow of traffic very much once it is done.

I saw a great movie called "the Secret" last night. It was very good! It was not a Hollywood movie but an educatioal one. This movie backed up techniques that know can work for everyone of us to access success in What ever we want. Win ski races, change techniqueand so on.

Will go into more detail next time!

Bye for now.


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