Saturday, June 03, 2006

June 2 Update

Hello Every0ne,

It has been such a busy few weeks. My work and life in Canada has been very hectic. I did managae to make it to my flight to Japan. Hee Hee!

So yes, I am in Japan again and went to a ski goods fair at Desente, close to Mejiro eki. It was interesting. I was great to see those of you that came.

I am staying close to Megero eki and have a great running route already. there is a very beautiful park close by with trails running throughout it. Also lots of kids play grounds. I was up a 5:30 am this morning. Jet lag! So I went for my daily run. There were lots of others in the park that early. Mostly elderly people. Some looked in very good shape! One of the things I love about ski racing is the way it helps me to push myself to stay in strong physical condition. Of course I have learned from experience we all perform better and have a less chance of injury if we are in good shape and are flexible. But, the problem! Once I entered my adult life I suddenly had more responsiblilities. Time at work, family, and so on. One thing I have struggled with is balance. Arranging my time to fit activitys that are important to my sanity! I must admit in the past I did not organize my time in a way that I had balance in my life.

Everyday I feel it vital to "sharpen my personal saw". Physically, through excercise, nutrition , and rest.

Mentally, through reading ,writing ,challenging ,and taking time to think.

Socially and emotionally, through making "deposits in peoples emotional bank account" Meaning Being Kind, keep promises, be loyal, apologize and have clear expections. To be a giver!

And Spriitually, Through reading or thinking about things that motivate us and spend some time in Nature.

It all sounds good but the challenge for me is to slot that time in my day. I have been pretty good latley. And to tell you the truth I feel great! It is not easy though. Life habits are hard to change.

I just wanted to share my challenge with all of you. More soon !


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