Wednesday, May 10, 2006

May 10 Update

Happy Birthday Tajanna!!!!

It was Tigi's b-day yesterday! We had family and some of Tajanna's friends ovr for an amazing dinner Chrissy prepared! Mussels, Greek salad, Maui ribs, chicken screwers, lemon potatoes, pita bread, 3 birthday cakes. There were 20 people here so thats why we had so many cakes!

It has been very sunny here in Kelowna. In the mountains it has snowed recently though.

I have been busy working and doing spring cleaning around our house. Very busy! Even on Weekends. Not much time for play. I have played a little bit of golf. Shot a 84. PLayed 9 holes a few times with my dad at his club on Sunday evenings. That is always fun. Great to do something with my dad.

Makaiya has a cold now. Runny nose , and coughing

Chrissy is doing well.

I will be coming to Japan again in the beginning of June for the Goldwin, and ICI Fair. See you soon!

Bye for now.


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